About Us


EduTechAZ was established in 2014 to further programs that facilitate learning through the use of technology. Since then, we have grown into an all inclusive Learning Center. Our dedicated teachers guide students of all ages to achieve their learning potential.


At EduTech we welcome students with a number of different backgrounds. Some students are active in sports and other activities that require intense daily training. These families choose our center so they have more flexibility during the day.  Contact us today to see how as a team we can best facilitate your child's learning.


Other students find traditional schools are not meeting their needs. At EduTech, we recognize that each student is unique. Some may want to move ahead in their studies, and some may need more time to master educational concepts. All students can grow, learn, and experience success. Contact us today to see how we can best support your child's needs.

Special Thanks

A special thanks is owed to a particular third grader from our Laptop Learners class. I couldn't think of a better way to showcase what I teach than to allow a student to build my website. With my guidance, I allowed her access to my business laptop, descriptions, proposals, and logo. The foundation of this website was built by her, a third grader! Even I'm impressed. Sincerely, Tina Trovillion EduTechAZ