Online School Support

 Our Learning Center  provides you and your students with a learning environment that includes the assurance of having a credentialed teacher onsite  to guide, teach, support, and encourage them in their academic advancement, all while working on the online school of your choosing. Our students, elementary through high school, learn to study independently and in small groups.  Using accredited online schools, students are able to advance at their own pace.  This allows them to excel in the areas they are most capable and provides them more instructional time in the subjects they find difficult.

Community Education

Laptop Learners is a fun, interactive program that familiarizes students with both Mac and PC operating systems. The program utilizes web-based software to build academic and technology skills in elementary school-age students. Laptop Learners is individualized to best facilitate academic support, while preparing students for online standardized tests such as AzMERIT. The objective of Laptop Learners is to safely provide students with experience and test strategies, while strengthening them academically. This class is offered through Paradise Valley Community Education, but can be taught at Our Center. 


We offer a variety of tutoring options. Within Our Center we utilize a Homework Club where students can work on all subjects independently while a teacher is readily available to answer questions. We also offer one-to-one, as well as small group, and subject specific tutoring. Call for an appointment with Our Center's Director to find the best fit for your child.

Our Partners